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Good Night Tales™ Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is created by Plastic Cow Inc and distributed with the Good Night Tales app. It was updated on October 29, 2018.


The application, Good Night Tales™, is a collection of children’s bedtime story videos designed for young children.

Created by award-winning producers of kids television (who happen to be parents), the stories are family-friendly, wholesome, and feature positive messages. These brand-new versions of classic tales, as well as original stories, are delivered with stunning original artwork, soothing narration, and a gorgeous cinematic score.

At the end of the story, the video takes us on a slow, peaceful journey through a magical bedroom, filled with delightful treasures—all set to calming orchestral lullabies and night sounds.


Good Night Tales allows you to personalize the stories so that your child’s name can appear at the beginning of each video. The entered text is completely private and will never leave your device or be shared with us in any way.


We do not collect any personal information.

In order to create new stories that appeal to our users, we collect anonymous information when the stories are played.

The information we collect includes what stories are played and how long the stories are played. We do not know who is playing them or where they are being played. This anonymous information allows us to determine which stories are more popular and which are not. (Hopefully, they are ALL popular!)

Nothing we collect is personally identifiable or can be traced to you or your device. All received information is used exclusively to improve the quality of the app.


The Good Night Tales app is completely free of third-party advertising.


Plastic Cow Inc may update our Privacy Policy from time to time, so check this document periodically to be aware of those changes.


For any questions related to the Privacy Policy, you can always contact us via email: