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The world seems to move faster and faster each day. 

That’s why we believe t’s important to take every opportunity to slow down and spend quality time with our children.  

We believe it’s important to give children rich storytelling experiences that calm their spirits and ignite their imagination. 

We believe providing children with positive, value-driven stories through exceptional illustrations, music, and narration can spark their love of good literature.

We believe in Good Night Tales®—creative, wholesome, and timeless.

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Here’s what people are saying…

★★★★★ • Strongly Recommend for Language Development

As an Early Education School Psychologist, I conduct assessments of children 2-4 years of age in order to determine if they present any type of disability that may negatively impact their learning. By 3-years of age, children are expected to comprehend and verbally express over 500 words and should be putting together 3 to 4 word sentences when speaking.

However, many children that I assess only use approximately 50 words in their vocabulary, so I am constantly urging parents and caregivers to read out loud to their children.

The Good Night Tales series is an absolutely wonderful way to increase children’s language exposure. In our busy world of video games and social media, listening to stories read aloud can teach kids comprehension skills, new vocabulary words and overall language skills, and the love for reading.

I would strongly recommend this series to parents, educators, preschool teachers, early education centers, and anyone who enjoys listening to stories while viewing beautifully created and age appropriate high quality art.

by ESilva1026 – Feb 1, 2019 (from App Store)

★★★★★ • As a Family Therapist Highly Recommend This App

This App is exactly what kids and adults exactly need in this very busy and noisy life. I noticed that the voice of the narrator is very calming and warm, the colors are very soothing and inviting, the music helps the child to relax. We need more apps like this. Great job!

by Facts Girl – Dec 14, 2018 (from App Store)

★★★★★ • Highly Recommend

My daughter loves the app and doesn’t even wait for bedtime to enjoy. It got us through her last flu with much less tears. Great artwork, high quality stuff, keep it coming!

by PMonroeM – Jan 18, 2019 (from App Store)

★★★★★ • Beautifully Narrated

Adorable art, stunning quality, and beautifully narrated! A Wonderful way to share a bedtime story with your little ones; especially great if you are getting older siblings to bed, cleaning up toys, or simply snuggling in with them! Can’t wait to add more of these stories to our collection!!

by mamajoan4 – Dec 3, 2018 (from App Store)

This is so beautifully done!

This is so beautifully done! There’s care and beauty and heart in this project–it really comes through, from the Disney-esque introduction to the soft kiss at the end. The music fits perfectly (love the feel!), the sound effects are working well, and the smoke and sparkle effects add a nice polish. The ending is a peace of art (puns always intended).

John Fornof, International Radio Drama Producer – Jan 8, 2018

★★★★★ • Definitely a must have in rotation for your bedtime routine!

My son loves it. So do I, they’re very relaxing! I like that we can keep the music and fx on but turn off the commentary so that I can read it to him, that’s what he prefers. Everything is of great quality, and the app runs super smooth! Awesome app!

by Mherrera0268 – Dec 14, 2018 (from App Store)

★★★★★ • Loved it!

My toddler wants to keep watching it over and particularly enjoyed the bedroom scenes at the end with all of the trains and toys!

by lxespinoza – Dec 6, 2018 (from App Store)

★★★★★ • Beautiful!

I’ve never seen such a beautifully designed app! So precious. My children are loving these books! More! More!!

by Mærien Nelliththor – Dec 1, 2018 (from App Store)

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