Rearranging Books:

When the app opens, all currently available books are displayed. Change the order of the books by touching a book for one second, then moving it where you want it.

Selecting a Book:

When you select a book, details are displayed, including story length. A control drawer appears at the bottom with three options:

1. Preview Video: Plays a short preview of the story. This feature requires an Internet connection.

2. Play Story: This starts the story. If a story is not yet available, the Play button is replaced with a Notification button. Use it to be notified when that story becomes available.

3. Audio-Only Mode Enable/Disable: With this enabled, the video will be disabled while the story plays. Instead, a dark image will be displayed. All other features using the player controls are still available—subtitles, narration, and navigation. 

Video Player:

We’ve designed a special video player that doesn’t respond to random touches from little hands, but instead, reacts only to a specific swipe up from the bottom. This feature is not available while playing preview videos.

Video Player Controls:

While playing a story, access the player controls by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Tap anywhere on the screen or swipe down to close the controls. The player controls include five buttons:

1. Jump Backward: Moves backward in the story 15 seconds

2. Subtitles Enable/Disable: Subtitles can be turned on so you can read along with the video.

3. Play/Pause: Starts and stops the video

4. Narration Enable/Disable: The narration can be turned off, leaving the rich music and sound effects to play.

5. Jump Forward: Moves forward in the story 15 seconds

Progress Bar:

When the player controls are active, a bi-color video progress bar appears at the top of the screen. The story section is blue and the lullaby section is purple. You can scrub through both sections by selecting the control knob and sliding left or right. Pulling your finger down while you scrub through will allow you to move more slowly through the video. The video may appear blurry as you scrub. This is normal. Release the control knob to bring things back into focus.